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Heading Into Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone. The summer season is in full swing. It’s a time for pool parties, barbecues, family vacations, summer camp, and all the other fun that summer brings. It also inspires a lot of writing ideas.

What’s different about summer? What does it inspire?


How can you help parents prepare for their children’s summer break? How can you help working parents juggle their children’s summer schedules? How can you help families build stronger relationships during the summer?

What do parents need to know about summer camp? How can they choose the right one for their child? How can you help parents prepare their children for summer camp? What can parents do if their child become homesick?

How can parents make the most of a summer vacation? How do they choose the right vacation spot for their family? How do they budget for a vacation? How do they handle a child who doesn’t want to go on vacation? How can they take creative photos that capture the essence of their family vacation?

Summer Parties

How can your readers throw a fun summer party? How can you help them cook great food? What can you tell them about decorating for a summer party? How can they help their guests have fun? How do you build relationships through a summer party?

Summer Activities

What can you write about gardening? Hiking? Bicycling? Cooking on the grill? How can you help your readers protect themselves from ticks? Mosquitoes? How can they recognize poisonous plants?

What health issues arise from summer activities? How can they prevent injuries? What do they do after they incur an injury? What about allergies? How can they keep themselves healthy in the summer?

What can you write for kids? How can you help them embrace summer activities? What stories can you write for them? What devotions can you write? What kind of personal experience article can you write? Who can you interview?

Enjoy the summer. But, always look for writing ideas. Most publications work several months out. Have fun. Gather ideas. Then, write when the weather gets colder.

© Deborah Christensen


Plowing Together: Using Summer Activities as Writing Inspiration – Please Comment

Summer is filled with activities that we don’t do during other times of the year: trips to the beach, vacations, outdoor activities, new and exciting adventures. How do you keep thinking as a writer while you’re engaging in summer fun? How do you glean writing ideas from your summer activities?

Please comment. You might inspire someone else.

Gleaning Article Ideas from Your Travels

hibiscusSeveral years ago, I ran away to Colorado in a fit of burnout. Those 10 days of driving through the mountains and spending time with friends refreshed me so much that they inspired me to write an article on how to recover from burnout.

When we travel, we experience things we can’t find at home. And if we look hard enough, we can find writing ideas, too.

Travel Articles

Travel pieces leap to mind as article ideas that we can glean from our vacation. Did you discover hidden treasures in unique and little-known attractions? What interesting people did you meet? What would draw your readers to this spot?

Did you save money in an unusual way? What did you learn from booking your tickets or hotel room? What tips can you offer to make planning a trip easier?

Nature and History Articles

Many children’s publications use nature articles. What interesting nature facts can you share? Photos usually enhance these pieces so make sure you carry your camera with you.

Both children’s and adult publications use history articles. Collect as much historical information you can so you can provide accurate and interesting articles.

How-to Articles

You do a lot of problem-solving while you travel. Your solutions can help your readers.

How did your family navigate conflicts while travelling? How did you use the time away to refresh yourself? How did you build your relationship with God? What mistakes can you help someone else avoid? How did you build fun into your family’s vacation routine?


You may encounter an appealing setting for a short story or novel. Get a feel for the place. Remember the sights and sounds so that you can incorporate them into your story.

Personal Experience Articles

What is the story behind your vacation? How did you travel with friends? What happened when you visited family? How did the trip impact your marriage? How did the trip celebrate a milestone in your family?

How did it stretch you spiritually? What lessons did God teach you? Did you see God working in your relationships? Did you connect with strangers in a significant way?

What changes did you make because of your vacation? How did your family change? What was the lasting effect on you? Your family? Your friendships?

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. They can also offer a suitcase full of ideas.

© Deborah Christensen

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