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Target, Bathrooms and Protecting Our Children

path in INThe big topic on Facebook, especially on Christian pages, is the policy change at Target that allows people who identify themselves as the opposite sex to use that corresponding bathroom. Actually, the discussion began in earnest when North Carolina passed a law that required people to use the bathroom for the gender that appears on their birth certificate.

Liberals cancelled plans for concerts, business moves and conventions in North Carolina. Christians and conservatives started a boycott of Target.

This blog takes of the side of North Carolina and Christians who stand for the gender of birth that appears in our DNA – the way God created us. I will not allow arguments or insults. However, I can find a lot of writing ideas in this topic. And, they may inspire you to stand for what’s right. The conservative side needs good writers who can address this topic in a loving and creative way.


Christian writers can contribute quality work on this topic. What does our DNA say about who we are? How does brain anatomy affect our behavior? What does God say about gender? How valid are our feelings about our gender?

Most media present the “positive” side of transgenderism. However, they ignore the studies that indicate higher depression and suicide rates among transgenders. How can we show God’s love to transgenders? How can we counsel people who are considering transgenderism? What about the parents and loved ones who are affected by this issue? How can we love and support them?

A lot of organizations can provide experts to address these issues. Consider contacting them to conduct an interview. They will give authority and expertise to your article. Here is a list of some of the organizations you can contact: Focus on the Family, American Family Association, Alliance Defending Freedom, ACLJ and individual state family institutes.

Target and Boycotts

A couple of decades ago, B. Dalton Bookstores, owned by Kmart, sold pornography. Christian organizations requested that they remove the pornography. Not only did they refuse to remove it, the CEO of Kmart insulted Christians. A boycott ensued, B. Dalton eventually went out of business and the CEO was fired. I still do not shop at Kmart.

What’s your passion? What calls to action can you give your readers? It may not be on this topic but something else. Get your readers excited enough to want to do something about it. It may be a call to action to make bathrooms safe for children or it may be the protection of unborn children. Maybe it’s stopping sex trafficking or protecting the persecuted church. Whatever it is, write about it.

Sexual Predators

Last week in Chicago, a mother sent her 8-year-old daughter into the bathroom at a local store. She heard her daughter scream and ran into the bathroom. A man had strangled the girl to unconsciousness and was dragging her into one of the stalls.

You may not have heard this story. Not all news outlets outside of Chicago are reporting it. Why? Because it goes against the move to make all bathrooms accessible to transgenders. It denies the real fact that sexual predators will use this trend to gain access to bathrooms they would’ve previously been barred from.

What can your write about protecting women and children from sexual predators? What proactive steps can your readers take to protect themselves?

Modesty and Privacy

Furthermore, the Obama administration directed all schools to make all locker rooms and bathrooms accessible to members of the opposite sex, as long as they identify themselves as “transgender.”

What can your write about issues of modesty and privacy? How can we teach these things to our children when schools will be ripping down the barriers that give them privacy?

Parents will face choices about keeping their children in public schools. What guidance can you offer to your readers?


We’ve only scratched the surface of writing ideas on this topic. But, we can become an army of Christian writers who share God’s love and wisdom.

© Deborah Christensen


Plowing Together: Protecting Our Children – Please Comment

Just six months ago, no one ever thought that it would be OK for men to use women’s bathrooms. Common sense, right? Suddenly, the world is turned upside down. We’ve given sexual predators access to innocent children and the OK to invade our privacy without any consequences. Common sense no longer exists.

How can you use your writing to address this issue? Please comment. Together, we can help to protect our children.

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