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The Guiding Presence of Dads

dadMy dad is 86 years old. He was born on the day the Stock Market crashed in 1929. My grandparents lost everything and gained a son on the same day.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. We attempted to go to his favorite restaurant but there was almost a two-hour wait. So, we went to another local restaurant. It was just fun to spend the day with my parents. My dad has slowed down. He walks with a walking stick. But, I’m blessed that he’s still with us.

What Does Father’s Day Mean to You?

Father’s Day means different things to different people. Some people feel blessed by the relationship they have with their dad. Others fight the painful memories. Still others don’t even know who their dad is.

What does Father’s Day mean to you? How can you share your story about your relationship with your dad? What has that relationship taught you? What takeaway value can you give your readers?

What tips or advice can you offer to your readers about building a healthy relationship with their dad? How can you help others forgive their father? How can you help them celebrate their dad?

How can you help children of abusive fathers find godly father figures for their life? How can you help them heal? How can you help bad fathers repent of their sin and become the dads God intended them to be?

Helping Dads Be Better Dads

You may know some news dads. Some of your readers may be new dads. What can you write to encourage them on their dad journey? How can you prepare them while their wife is pregnant? What do dads need to know about every stage in their children’s lives?

How can they make decisions with their wife about discipline? Schooling? How can they choose the appropriate technology for their children: computers, tablets, smartphones? What do they need to know about the most current social media? How can they protect their children from the predators that prowl social media?

How can a dad help his daughters become true women of God? How can he help his sons become true men of God?

How can dads teach their kids about God? Work? Family? Finances? Love? Choosing the right spouse? School? Making decisions? Finding God’s will? Forgiveness? Serving others? Patriotism? Marriage? Prayer?

The Spiritual Side of Dad

What does the Bible say about dads? What guidance does it offer to fathers? How can a dad depend on God to help he be the dad God wants him to be? How can he pass on his love for God to his children? How can he create a godly home? What is his role in the spiritual life of his children?

The Love of Single Dads

Through divorce or death, some dads become single dads. What is their role in the lives of their children? How can they build quality relationships with their children? How can they prevent custody battles from destroying that relationship?

What happens when remarriages, step-children and children with the new spouse come into the picture? How can a single dad maintain strong relationships with his children?


Dads are essential in the lives of their children. They love and guide their children. As writers, we can write personal experience and how-to pieces to help them. We can write devotions to help them on their spiritual journey. We can write poetry to celebrate them and include godly father-characters in our fiction. Interview inspiring dads and tell their story. Think back to your favorite Father’s Day memories and write about them – even if they took place just a few days ago.

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Plowing Together: Using Summer Activities as Writing Inspiration – Please Comment

Summer is filled with activities that we don’t do during other times of the year: trips to the beach, vacations, outdoor activities, new and exciting adventures. How do you keep thinking as a writer while you’re engaging in summer fun? How do you glean writing ideas from your summer activities?

Please comment. You might inspire someone else.

Plowing Together – Dad – Please Comment

Join the conversation:

What does your dad mean to you?

What writing ideas spring to mind, inspired by your dad and/or Father’s Day?

Celebrating Dad

dadOne of my pet peeves is the kind of articles that appear in my local newspaper on Father’s Day. They talk about fatherless children, abusive fathers and dads who disappoint. I rarely read anything that honors dads.

Christian publications usually handle fatherhood differently. There, you find articles that know the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. They recognize that men and women are inherently different from each other, and they recognize the important role dads play.

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dad. What can you write to do just that?

Memories and Stories

What memories and stories can you share about your own dad? How did he encourage you when you were growing up? What’s the most important lesson did he teach you? What sacrifices did he have to make to provide for your family? How did he set the spiritual tone for your family? If you’re a man, how did he teach you to be a man? If you’re a woman, what did he teach you about men?

Tell stories from your childhood. Talk about how your relationship evolved as you became an adult. You don’t have to paint an unrealistic picture. But, honor him.

Helping Dads be Dads

What insights can you offer to dads to help them as dads? Who can your interview for this important information? Who are the dads you know who do it right? How can you profile them? What do dads need to know about parenting young children? What do dads need to know about parenting teenagers?

Science has shown that men’s brains are different from women’s. Therefore, men tend to be doers, while women tend to be talkers.

In a society that often pressures men to be more like women, how can you help dads be who God created them to be? How can you help them play the role God meant them to play in the lives of their children?

What Else Can You Write?

As you celebrate Father’s Day this year, look for ideas to inspire your writing. But, think beyond the memories and the tips. How can you honor your dad through poetry? What kind of devotions can you write that will help dads grow in their faith? What kind of positive father-characters can you create in your fiction? What can you write that will help children love and respect their dads?

Don’t just write about fathering at Father’s Day. Use your ideas to celebrate Dad throughout the year.

© Deborah Christensen

Random Trails: Calendar Days—June 2013 | The Write Conversation

This is a great way to get inspiration from the calendar. We’re already into June but there are still plenty of days and “holidays” to use as inspiration.

The Write Conversation : Calendar Days—June 2013.

From the Idea Garden – Summer

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. As you head into this season of picnics, pool parties and vacations, keep your eyes open for writing ideas. Tell stories from your family time. Offer how-to information on planning vacations. Give parenting advice on how to keep kids occupied while they’re off from school. How do you choose the right summer camp? How do you connect with neighbors in the summer? How do you keep your garden going? What’s the best way to celebrate the summer holidays?

Summer is full of writing ideas for fiction, nonfiction, poetry, devotions and writing for children. Make sure you glean every one you can.

Raking Up Writing Ideas from the Fatherhood Backyard

For some reason, we treat Father’s Day differently than we do Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because dads are different from moms. Dads are doers. They’re not as sentimental about Father’s Day as moms are about Mother’s Day. We still share special memories on Father’s Day but they’re more likely to be of doing yard work, watching baseball or barbecuing together.

Personal Experience Pieces

How did you celebrate Father’s Day? What made it special for you as a dad? How did you honor your dad? How can you share these things with your readers?

Are you a new dad? How does that change the way you view Father’s Day? Are you a grandpa? How does that make Father’s Day unique for you? If your dad is no longer with you, how does that change Father’s Day for you?

God gave dads a special role in a family. What did you learn about God from your dad? What did you learn about strength? Leadership? Courage? Perseverance?

How-To Articles

What did you learn about being a dad from your own dad? What did he do right? What mistakes did he make?

How did your dad give advice? Did you always follow it? How does he guide you when you need to make a decision? Do you feel free to share your life concerns with him? How did you build trust with your dad so that you could go to him for advice? How did you learn to trust his wisdom?

How easy is it for your dad to say “I love you”? How do you show your dad that you love him? How do you show your own children that you love them?

If your dad is no longer with you, how do you cope with his loss? How did you learn to live with that loss? How do you honor his life?

You can use your writing to help other dads and children work through these issues.

Other Writing Avenues

Fiction is always a good way to work through or honor your relationship with your dad. How can you use your experiences in fiction?

Children’s stories usually need a well-written dad character. How can you create a character who is modeled after your dad?

Poetry, too, offers an outlet to expressing the father/child relationship. How does your relationship with your dad inspire your poetry? What about your relationship with your children?

Father’s Day is fertile ground for ideas for meditations/devotionals. How is God like a father? How does God father you? What does that mean for your everyday life?

Our relationship with our dads can be complicated. But, it also offers fields of writing ideas—both positive and negative—that we can gather into a piece that will inspire others.

© Deborah Christensen

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