Gleaning a Hodgepodge of Writing Ideas from a Crazy Life


This week has been crazy. So much is happening personally and nationally that I’ve been away from my writing. How about you?

Visitor from Abroad

My cousin from Denmark is visiting our family for four months. It’s wonderful to have her here. She brings different customs, perspectives, and a different language.

Do you have family overseas? Have you ever visited them? Have they visited you? What did you learn about their customs? Did you learn new recipes? How did you navigate the language barrier, if there was one?

These experiences can create many writing ideas. What humorous personal experience pieces can you write? What practical tips about overseas travel can you offer? What can you tell readers about how to go through the visa process?

The March for Life

I am unashamedly pro-life. Tomorrow (Friday, 1/24) is the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. I can’t attend but I will be watching. For the first time ever, the sitting president will address the marchers in person.

What can you write about this issue? Do you volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center? Can you tell any stories from there? What can you write about adoption? Are you grieving over a past abortion? How did you get help for that? How can you encourage other women who feel that pain? How can you encourage your readers to get involved in the fight for the lives of the unborn?

Election Issues

With the impeachment trial going on in the Senate, we can see that this election is more important than ever? What issues do you vote on? How do those issues connect with you morally and spiritually? What can you write about those issues? How can you help your readers become informed voters?

It’s always good for your writing to spring from your passions. Identify those passions and let the writing ideas flow.

© Deborah Christensen

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