Plowing Together: From Idea to Finished Product — Please Comment

Sometimes, the most difficult part of writing is writing. What helps you take your writing idea all the way to a finished work? How do you persevere enough to complete the project? How do you avoid simply collecting ideas and, instead, using those ideas in your writing?

Please comment. Your insights may inspire others.

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  1. Hey, Debbie! I totally agree with your statement:the hardest part of writing IS writing. Writing a weekly sermon puts me on a deadline and that really helps me. Before I became a pastor, I had a friend who would hold me accountable. Every week she knew I would “turn in” a portion (chapter, article) of my latest WIP. That helped keep me accountable because if I failed to turn in something to her, she’d ask me for it! Also, something I’ve found helpful is to find the time of day that I’m most productive in writing, which strangely enough happens to be about 4am-7am.

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