Mining Writing Gold in Friendships

This past weekend, I attended the memorial service of a family friend. He grew up with my dad and was the best man in my parents’ wedding. His parents knew my grandparents in Denmark and remained friends when they came to the U.S. I grew up with his children. At one point, our families lived across the street from each other.

Somewhere along the way, my generation lost touch with each other. Our parents continued their friendships but we didn’t. Everyone scattered to their own lives. However, we reconnected at the service.

I started to think about the people who flow in and out of our lives. Some friendships last a lifetime. Some are fleeting. Others take a break and come back together. We learn something from every friendship – about God, about ourselves and about how to do life a better way.


The Bible is full of friendships: David and Jonathan, Mary and Elizabeth, Jesus and Lazarus. What lessons do these friendships teach? How do they enhance our own friendships? What can we learn about the value God puts on friendships? Use biblical friendships as a basis for devotions on relationships.

Personal Experience and How-To

Write about your personal experience with friendships. Tell stories. How did a friend help you in a time of need? How did a friend help you celebrate a happy time? How did a friend carry you through grief? How did a friend help you grow closer to God? What did a friend teach you about forgiveness, sacrificial love, navigating the milestones of life? Give your readers take-away value in your story.

You can also write a how-to piece. How can you be a better friend? How can you forgive a friend who hurts you? How can you comfort a mourning friend? How do you keep a friendship growing through the ups and downs of life? How do you reconnect with old friends? How do you build a new friendship? How do you set boundaries in friendships? How do you avoid gossiping in friendships? Offer practical advice to your readers.

Writing for Children

Write stories and nonfiction about friendships. Help children understand selfishness, sharing, kindness, forgiveness.


Friendship can take center stage in fiction or act as a supporting player. Either way, you can create rich characters with challenging or healthy friendships. Fiction allows you to explore ways to resolve conflicts, become a faithful friend, be a godly friend.

We need friendships. God created us for community. As writers, we can find writing ideas in our friendships. When we write those ideas, we will help our readers enrich their own friendships.

© Deborah Christensen


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