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Plowing Together: Staying Faithful to God — Please Comment

How do you maintain a faithful walk with God? What tips can you offer your readers?

Please share your insights. You may inspire someone else.


Faithfulness for a Lifetime

hibiscusWhen Paul listed faithfulness as one of the fruits of the Spirit, he knew we can live out faithfulness in many ways. First, we must be faithful to God. Second, we must be faithful to each other. As writers, we can help our readers understand the role of faithfulness in their lives.

Faithfulness to God

The world pulls us in so many directions and, sometimes, it drowns out God’s still, small voice. Our readers look for ways to remain faithful to God.

Have you struggled with this? What helped you? What didn’t work? How did other people help you remain faithful to God? What emotions did you feel as you struggled? How did becoming faithful to God change you?

How can you use faithfulness to God in fiction? In poetry? Who can you interview to show people how to live in faithfulness to God? Do you know someone who lives it out who you can feature in a personality profile? What can you write for children to help them understand what it means?

Faithfulness in Marriage

In our sexualized society, faithfulness in marriage is often treated as old-fashioned. But, God calls us to remain faithful and committed for the rest of our lives.

Have you experienced infidelity? Are you the one who was unfaithful? What helped you heal? How did you heal your marriage? What tips can you offer to help your readers remain faithful? What help can you offer to help your readers protect their marriage before there’s a problem?

What about writing for singles? How can you help them prepare for a faithful marriage? How can you help them build a faithful character before they get married?

Faithfulness to Others

How tips can you offer to help your readers be a faithful friend? A faithful parent? A faithful child? How can they faithfully pray for others? How can they faithfully serve others?

Faithfulness affects every area of our lives. As writers, we can share tips, guidance, stories and examples of faithfulness.

© Deborah Christensen

Plowing Together: The Election — Please Comment

Today is election day. Did you vote? On what issues did you base your vote? Please comment.

Then, gain inspiration from those issues and write. And, pray for our country.

Gleaning Writing Ideas from Election Issues

stars_and_stripesTomorrow, we head to the polls and vote. The policies that each candidate supports couldn’t be more different from each other. I’m not here to influence your vote. I want to help you look at some of the issues and find writing inspiration there.


What can you write on this issue? How can you encourage your readers to protect the unborn and choose life? What stories can you tell?

Do you know a couple whose doctor suggested they abort their Down’s Syndrome baby but they didn’t? Tell their story. Do you know a woman who chose life for her unborn baby, even though it brought difficulty? Share her story. What about a woman who gave her child up for adoption in order to give the child life? Or, someone who was adopted? What about someone who survived an abortion? These are all stories you can offer to your readers.

Write about what really occurs during an abortion. Help readers know that the unborn baby is more than a “clump of cells.”

As Christians, we’re called to respect life. As writers, we can help our readers respect it, too.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion hangs in the balance for this election. What can you write about this issue? How can you encourage your readers to fight for their Christian values?

Do you know anyone who was forced to violate their faith in the name of “tolerance”? What price did they pay if they refused? Tell their story. What value did the Founding Fathers place on religious freedom? Teach your readers how important it is and what consequences we face if we lose it.

We can help our readers fight for what belongs to us constitutionally.

Respect for the Military

Both active-duty military and veterans face issues that will be impacted by this election. From care at the VA to military readiness, they need our support.

Do a researched investigative report. Tell a personal story. Interview a military family. Help your readers understand the issues they face.


What are the issues that you’re passionate about this election? Supreme Court? Taxes? Immigration? Healthcare? The economy? Education? Write about these issues. Use them in your fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Don’t forget about them after the election is over. Continue to write and encourage your readers to stand up for what they believe.

© Deborah Christensen

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