Abandoned and Neglected

bailey and taylorAbout a week ago, my neighbor asked me if I wanted their kitty. They were moving to a new place that didn’t accept pets. I lost my own kitty a few months ago and I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on a new one just yet. Besides, I planned to be gone this past weekend and knew I couldn’t take it in, even if it was temporary.

I offered them several suggestions of where they could put the kitty – shelters, local pet stores, vets, etc. I even asked friends of mine if they wanted a cat.

A few days later, I heard them moving out in the middle of the night. I looked for their cars in the morning and they were gone.

I serve on the board of directors of my homeowner’s association and called the office to report a light that needed to be fixed. I also told the property manager that my neighbors snuck out. Then, it hit me. I asked her if there was any way we could check the house. I said that it was possible they abandoned their cat. Sure enough, the maintenance men found the cat, hiding in the backyard.

This proves that some people shouldn’t own pets. They don’t weigh the cost of committing their life to take care of a pet. As writers, we can help people determine if owning a pet is right for them. We can also offer them resources so they don’t abandon their pets and help them know the proper way to take care of pets.

Pet Magazines

Pet magazines are the most obvious outlet for this type of writing. Different breeds of dogs have their own publication. There are publications for cats and horses, too.

You can address issues of health, day-to-day care, grooming, feeding, preventing abuse and help the readers find resources when they can no longer care for their pet.

Kids and Pets

Children and pets go together. You can write stories and articles aimed at kids about pets. Help them choose the right pet. Offer advice on taking care of a pet. Tell stories about the love of pets.

If you write fiction, include pets. They don’t need to be the focus but you can still share information on responsible pet ownership.

Write for parents. Parents set the example. Help them teach their children how to take care of pets. Give them insights into whether or not their children are ready for a pet.

As writers, we can’t end the neglect of animals. But, we can use our talents to show that God expects us to treat animals with love and respect. He gave us the responsibility to take care of animals. Let’s write about the issues to show others how to do that.

© Deborah Christensen


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  1. A middle of the night move sounds like there were more issues than just an unwanted pet.

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