School Daze

hibiscusMost students are headed back to school. You can see them walking to the bus stop with the backpacks strapped on. Right now, it’s all new – new teachers, new classes, new supplies. They’re excited.

Many publications run back-to-school issues. While they put them together months ago, you can get your ideas now for next year.

For the Kids

You can write things for students that help them overcome the pitfalls of school and make the most of their school year.

What do kids need to know before they start the new school year? How can they change their mindset from summer fun to school studies? How can they approach the school year with a cooperative attitude?

How can they make lasting friendships at school? What do they do when someone doesn’t like them? How can they handle bullying? What do they do when they want to bully someone else? How can they treat their fellow students with love? How can they combat loneliness?

How can they live out their faith at school? How can they share their faith with their friends? How can they show Christ’s love to their teachers? How does their love of Christ affect the way they behave in school? How does it affect the way they study?

How can they choose clothes that are appropriate for school? What does what they wear show their commitment to Jesus?

What is the best way to handle starting in a new school? What stories can you tell to kindergarteners or preschoolers who are starting school for the first time? How can students navigate attending middle school or high school for the first time?

For the Parents

With the new transgender bathroom and locker room policy that’s come down, many parents are re-evaluating their school choices. Other parents simply want to help their children succeed in school and do the best they can do. Parents want to help their children study, choose extracurricular activities they will enjoy, make good friends and enjoy school. You can write things to help them in all these areas.

How does a parent know when it’s time to rethink school options? What are the pros and cons of public schools? Christian schools? Other private schools? Home schooling? How can parents make a decision that’s best for their child?

How can parents get involved in the policies their school adopts? How can they stay on top of what their child is learning? What do they do when their child is being taught something that is contrary to their beliefs and morals? How can parents work with the school instead of creating an adversarial relationship?

How can they help their child make decisions about which classes to take? How can they help their child follow their passion? How can they challenge their child to grow in their weak areas?

How can they help their child deal with bullies? How can they know when it’s time to step in and get the school involved? How can they help their child love their enemies?

How can they teach their child about modesty? How can they help their child live out their Christian faith in an increasingly hostile environment?

How can they help their child adjust to a new school? What do they need to know about the new school environment?

These are just a few questions to start your creative juices flowing. Look for the answers to these and so many other questions, and help provide the answers to the students and parents who read your piece.

© Deborah Christensen


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