The Guiding Presence of Dads

dadMy dad is 86 years old. He was born on the day the Stock Market crashed in 1929. My grandparents lost everything and gained a son on the same day.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. We attempted to go to his favorite restaurant but there was almost a two-hour wait. So, we went to another local restaurant. It was just fun to spend the day with my parents. My dad has slowed down. He walks with a walking stick. But, I’m blessed that he’s still with us.

What Does Father’s Day Mean to You?

Father’s Day means different things to different people. Some people feel blessed by the relationship they have with their dad. Others fight the painful memories. Still others don’t even know who their dad is.

What does Father’s Day mean to you? How can you share your story about your relationship with your dad? What has that relationship taught you? What takeaway value can you give your readers?

What tips or advice can you offer to your readers about building a healthy relationship with their dad? How can you help others forgive their father? How can you help them celebrate their dad?

How can you help children of abusive fathers find godly father figures for their life? How can you help them heal? How can you help bad fathers repent of their sin and become the dads God intended them to be?

Helping Dads Be Better Dads

You may know some news dads. Some of your readers may be new dads. What can you write to encourage them on their dad journey? How can you prepare them while their wife is pregnant? What do dads need to know about every stage in their children’s lives?

How can they make decisions with their wife about discipline? Schooling? How can they choose the appropriate technology for their children: computers, tablets, smartphones? What do they need to know about the most current social media? How can they protect their children from the predators that prowl social media?

How can a dad help his daughters become true women of God? How can he help his sons become true men of God?

How can dads teach their kids about God? Work? Family? Finances? Love? Choosing the right spouse? School? Making decisions? Finding God’s will? Forgiveness? Serving others? Patriotism? Marriage? Prayer?

The Spiritual Side of Dad

What does the Bible say about dads? What guidance does it offer to fathers? How can a dad depend on God to help he be the dad God wants him to be? How can he pass on his love for God to his children? How can he create a godly home? What is his role in the spiritual life of his children?

The Love of Single Dads

Through divorce or death, some dads become single dads. What is their role in the lives of their children? How can they build quality relationships with their children? How can they prevent custody battles from destroying that relationship?

What happens when remarriages, step-children and children with the new spouse come into the picture? How can a single dad maintain strong relationships with his children?


Dads are essential in the lives of their children. They love and guide their children. As writers, we can write personal experience and how-to pieces to help them. We can write devotions to help them on their spiritual journey. We can write poetry to celebrate them and include godly father-characters in our fiction. Interview inspiring dads and tell their story. Think back to your favorite Father’s Day memories and write about them – even if they took place just a few days ago.

© Deborah Christensen


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