Patience – Right Now!

hibiscusWhen my nephew, who is now an adult with kids of his own, was a little boy, he got excited during a family party. He started jumping and spinning for joy. I don’t remember what got him so excited, I just remember his childlike enthusiasm.

He accidentally bumped into another family member, who got angry. He lost his patience and started yelling at my nephew. Of course, the rest of us jumped in to defuse the situation but I will never forget it.

Patience vs. Temper

Patience is the next fruit of the Spirit that we will discuss. We all know someone who has a hair-trigger temper. We may even be the one. But if we belong to the Lord, He works in our life and forms His character in us, including patience.

How does it feel when you’re about to lose your temper? What triggers your temper? How do you control your temper?

How do you develop patience? What verses help you? How does patience look different from losing your temper?

Patience in Waiting

We need patience as we wait for God to answer our prayers or change our circumstances. If you’re single, you may be waiting to meet the person you will marry. How do you know when you’ve met the right person? What do you do if that person never comes? How do you remain patient and wait for God’s timing?

If you’re married, you may be waiting for your family to begin. How do you deal with infertility? When is it time to begin looking at other options, such as adoption or foster care?

If you’re unemployed, you may struggle with finding a new job. How do you develop enough patience to trust God in your search? How do you know if you’re truly following God’s will or taking the search into your own hands?

Patience in Relationships

Relationships can get messy. We lose patience in our marriage, with our children, and with family and friends.

How do you develop patience with your spouse? How can you extend grace to your spouse? Do you honor who God made your spouse to be or are you trying to change them?

How do you develop patience with your children? When should you allow your children to express themselves? When is it time to rein them in? How do you enjoy your children instead of losing patience with them?

If you’re single, how do you refrain from pushing a relationship to the next level in your own timing? How do you allow a relationship to develop naturally? Do you overlook red flags in your quest to get married?

How do you respect your friends and other family members? How do you love them in patience instead of treating them disrespectfully?


We all need patience. Use it to inspire your writing. Write a how-to piece and offer insights on how to develop patience. Write your own story in a personal experience piece. Write a devotion or a poem. Use patience as a theme in your fiction. Write something that will help children understand patience. Interview someone who exemplifies patience and write a personal profile on them.

Developing patience is a lifelong struggle. We can walk beside our readers as we develop patience together.

© Deborah Christensen


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