Gardening Tools: A Second Look at an Important Tool

echo_photo2Recently, I wrote an article for InSite magazine, published by the Christian Camp and Conference Association. I interviewed 12 people about tools they needed for their ministry. Needless to say, I had to record every one.

I used my “computer pen.” I’ve talked about it before but it’s worth a second look. As a writer, I use it all the time.

It’s made by Livescribe. I write on special paper. When I record with it, it syncs what’s on the paper with what’s recording. They also make pens that sync with tablets and phones, Android and iOS.

I use the most basic version and have had it for several years. It still works great. Mine syncs with my computer, which holds both the pages I wrote on and the audio. I also bought additional software for a minimal charge that converts my handwriting into text.

It’s perfect for interviews. I use the speakerphone and can record the entire discussion. No more bulky recording attachments. I can even keep my notes to a minimum, without writing it down word for word. When I transcribe the notes, I simply tap on the appropriate spot in my notes to hear the recording.

It’s also perfect for collecting writing ideas. Since the special paper comes in all different sizes, I can carry a small pad and the pen in my purse. If I hear something, I can click on the pen and record it. I can also take notes and sync up everything.

Do you keep a journal? Consider using the pen and paper. You can add audio comments to your journal. This, too, can help you find writing ideas.

In this age of computers, a pen still works for writers. This pen, no matter what style you choose, is worth the investment.

Click here for the link.

© Deborah Christensen


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