Plowing Together: Handling Controversy – Please Comment

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about how we can address the “transgender” bathroom issue as writers. I posted it in several Christian writers’ Facebook pages that I belong to. On one, I received angry responses – so angry in fact that I had to stop comments and notifications. I don’t know if people are still able to comment. If they are, I’m not receiving any information on it.

I saw two problems: First, people attacked me for a holding a biblical and commonsense view. I said nothing unloving or unbiblical. But because I disagreed with them, I was the one who was unloving and intolerant. Second, no other Christians supported me for taking a biblical stance on the issue.

I don’t argue with people. If they are so entrenched in their viewpoint that they will not have a reasoned discussion, no discussion is possible. I present my case and then I walk away. More discussion just escalates the anger. That doesn’t help anyone. Of course, they may say that I’m entrenched in my viewpoint. But, I can back up my arguments from the Bible, not my feelings.

What about you? How do you handle controversy in your writing? Is there ever a time to walk away? What do you do to cool the anger?


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  1. I feel what you did was the appropriate thing. It is unfortunate that people on these Christian sites felt the need to attack you…because other observers see nothing but arguments among Christians. We need to hold to what the bible says, and at the same time remember that we are in the world, but not of it. Sometimes blocking comments is all one can do when an unintentional fire has started…

    • That’s so true, Shauna. I would even be happy to agree to disagree, even though I think I come from a biblical perspective. Some people are “darkened” in their understanding. I wasn’t mean but the person who replied was so angry.

      • That anger hurts, especially when it comes from those who are sisters and brothers in Christ. We are admonished in scripture to be encouragers and to use the Word to uplift one another, something that is sometimes hard to remember when some folks get worked up. I also have to watch what I say/post before hitting send sometimes!

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