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Random Trails: From 101 Creative Writing Exercises: What’s Your Superpower? | Writing Forward

Discover your superpower with this fun exercise from 101 Creative Writing Exercises.

Source: From 101 Creative Writing Exercises: What’s Your Superpower? | Writing Forward


Friday Facts: Through Gates of Spendor

Sixty years ago today, five missionaries were murdered by the Waodani (we used to call them “Auca” but that name no longer applies). Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian were attempting to reach out to the people. After their deaths, some family members and wives, including Rachel Saint and Elizabeth Elliot, contacted them and helped the Waodani come to Christ. Elizabeth Elliot wrote about their deaths and the aftermath in her book Through Gates of Splendor.

Random Trails: Exploring Nonfiction Genres for Creative Writing | Writing Forward

What is creative nonfiction? We’ll explore nonfiction genres and sub-genres of this emerging form of creative writing.

Source: Exploring Nonfiction Genres for Creative Writing | Writing Forward

Seeds of Truth: 1 Peter 1:5

And through your faith, God is protecting you by his power

until you receive this salvation…

1 Peter 1:5, NLT

What role does your faith play in the way God works in your life? How does God protect you? How do you see His power working in your life?

How can you use this verse in your writing:

  • What kind of nonfiction piece can you write?
  • What tips would you offer in a how-to article?
  • What story can you tell in a person experience piece? What take-away value can you give?
  • How can you use this verse to inspire fiction?
  • How can you use this verse to inspire poetry?
  • Do you know someone who lives out this verse? Can you interview them and write a personality profile on the?
  • How can you explain this verse to children?
  • What kind of devotion can you write on this verse?

Plowing Together: Loving Others – Please Comment

What are practical ways to show love to other people? What can you write about it? What works better for you: fiction, nonfiction or poetry?

The Gift of Love

…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23, NIV (1984)

Once again, I’m starting over. I posted this blog last January and in January 2014. I had decided to tackle the fruits of the Spirit both years. However, I put the blog on hold both of those years because things got difficult. I lost my full-time job in 2015. I devoted my time to trying to find a new job. The theme went on hold, again. So, let’s start over. This year, we’re going to glean writing ideas from the fruits of the Spirit. What better place to start than love?

Our Love for God

The fruits of the Spirit refer to the qualities that the Holy Spirit builds in us. It begins with our love for God. We can never love God the way He deserves and, at times, our love for Him wanes. But, the Holy Spirit fuels that love to keep it alive. The more we connect with God and spend time with Him, the brighter our love burns.

When was a time when your love for God burned bright? Where were you spiritually at that time? How did you sense God’s love? How did you return His love?

When was a time when your love for Him flickered? What was happening in your life at the time? Where were you spiritually? How did you reconnect with God?

Our Love for Others

God calls us to love others. He is love and He wants love to characterize our life. It’s not always easy but the Holy Spirit can help us as we grow in Him.

Love in Marriage: What is your love story? How do you love your spouse? How do you show love when you don’t feel like it? What role does sacrifice play in your love?

Love in Parenting: How do you show love to your children? What role does discipline play in love? How do you building loving memories? How is your love different for each child?

Love for Friends: How do you love your friends? How does an authentic friendship deepen love? How do you handle conflict in a loving way?

Love for the Body of Christ: How do you show love to your fellow believers? How does serving together strengthen your love?

Love for Unbelievers: How do you show love to unbelievers? How does love affect the way you serve them? How does love affect the way you share your faith with them?

Love plays a part in every relationship. Share your story of the highs and lows of love. Offer tips. Use love in your fiction and poetry. Share biblical insights in a devotion. And, help children understand the truths of love in stories and articles.

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