Those “Little” Holidays

hibiscusGrandparents Day was September 13. National Punctuation Day was last week. Last night, we witnessed the Blood Moon lunar eclipse. Little holidays and events occur every day. Do some research and you’ll find anything from National Chocolate Day to an historical commemoration.

You can find writing inspiration in all of these celebrations, holidays and events. For example, write a personal experience piece about your relationship with your grandparents. Write a how-to article about building relationships with grandchildren. Write a novel with a grandmother as the protagonist. Write a poem about grandparenting. Interview a grandfather and write a personality profile of him. These are ideas you can glean just from Grandparents Day.

What ideas can you come up with from National Punctuation Day or the lunar eclipse? You could write something to help your readers understand proper punctuation. Or, you could write a science article for kids to help them understand the eclipse.

I found a great website that lists these “holidays”:

If you’re stuck for an idea, research the “little” holidays and events. Something might just pop out at you and inspire you to write. As for me, I know I can find some inspiration in National Chocolate Day.

© Deborah Christensen


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