Plowing Together: Writing Through the Pain – Please Comment

If you are going through something difficult, can you write about it then or do you need to wait until you’ve come out on the other side?

For me, it’s hard to collect my thoughts enough to write about the experience. I need some distance. I went through premature menopause when I was 36 years old. It’s still painful. I’ve never written anything about it.

What about you?



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  1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I will use that experience someday to write a variety of articles and fiction. However, right now, it’s still in my heart and not on paper. I like your perspective of sharing your deepest feelings. That’s what we do as writers.

  2. Dear sweet Deborah. What a tough thing to go through. I understand your need to hesitate before writing about your difficult experiences, but maybe you are avoiding your feelings. Writing down your thoughts can bring all the pain to the surface, but it also helps make that pain subside. When things are bad for me I tend to do the same thing, but I know as soon as I get some of my deepest feelings out on paper, I begin to heal and truly feel a little better. I encourage you to just write. No one has to read it but you. Sending you much love. ❤

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