Joining the Ranks of the Unemployed

interview paperI lost my full-time job in April. It’s the first time since I turned 16 that I haven’t had a job. I’m not alone. Despite the unemployment figures, a record number of people, 94 million, have been out of work for so long that they’ve given up looking for work.

I’ve been riding a roller coaster of emotions since then. One day, I feel sad, missing the people I used to work with and the job I loved. The next day, I feel hopeful, looking forward to the new opportunities God may give me. Then, I feel scared.

What about you? Have you ever lost a job? What insights did you gain during that time? What tips and tricks for finding a job did you learn? What’s the best way to write a resume? How can someone successfully interview?

How did you learn to trust God while you were unemployed? How do you explain your unemployment to your children? How do you keep your marriage strong during your unemployment? How do you handle your finances? How do you handle the fear and anxiety? How do you create your own opportunities, such as starting your own business? Use your imagination. The writing ideas are endless.

I’m still looking for a job. What about you? As a writer, you can offer hope to the many unemployed people out there – even if it’s just to let them know that they’re not alone.

© Deborah Christensen


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