Plowing Together: Finding Ideas After You’ve Taken a Break from Writing – Please Comment

I took a break for a couple months because life got a little crazy. Sometimes when you take a break like that, you come back to a dry field. No ideas come to mind. How do you jumpstart your writing again? Where do you find ideas?

Please share your comments. You might inspire someone else.


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  1. I have taken a break from writing myself. I also love to scrapbook, and have projects that I had fallen behind in while I was attempting writing. My brain doesn’t function too well after 12 hour shifts, and just coming up with scrapbook page ideas Without being repetitive in my style is a challenge most days. Have a new tool that is helping with that, but it also required a huge learning curve and adapting to digitally creating layouts/embellishments for the stories I am telling on my pages. So it’s still writing, but not in a sustained lengthy way.

  2. These are great insights, Debra. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Hi! This is exactly what I am doing for my blog right now. I am discovering a few things. As I pray and worship, Holy Spirit breathes new life through creative ideas. That is always wonderful. Sometimes I think that I have to seclude myself and be quiet to find new ideas which is often true. But, in my case, the opposite has also happened this week. There were moments where I got out and lived – new movies, new blogs, new shows on TV all of which inspired me without me looking to be inspired. I was just living and taking notes and new ideas burst forth when I wasn’t looking for them.

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