Seeds of Truth: Philippians 4:13

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13, NLT

This is my life verse. So, it has special meaning to me. It reminds me that God gives me the strength I need, when I need it. I pray this verse when I’m afraid. I draw my courage from it.

How can you use this verse in your writing?

  • What kind of devotion can you write? What story would you use as an opening anecdote?
  • Do you have a personal experience with this verse? Write a personal experience piece and tell your story.
  • What tips and insights can you offer your readers in a how-to piece?
  • How can you use this verse in fiction?
  • How can you use this verse in poetry?
  • How does this verse impact your marriage?
  • How has it helped you in parenting?
  • How can you explain this verse to children through articles and stories?
  • Is there someone who lives out this verse who you can interview? Can you do a personality profile on them?
  • How does this verse help you face your fears?
  • How does it help you attempt something you’ve never done before?
  • How does it help you in your work?
  • How does it empower you in relationships?
  • How does it help you do something difficult?




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  1. Shauna, that would be a step out in faith for me. But, I think I’d love to do it. Do you still have my CWG e-mail address? Contact me through that and we can discuss it.

  2. I find it interesting that you and I share the same life verse! I am currently participating in an online bible study through Proverbs 31 Ministries, and just finished reading chapter 2. One of the closing thoughts in this chapter is that God has “plopped” people into our lives for a reason. You certainly were brought into mine. Knowing that you have battled through a not-so fun year gives that much more meaning to this verse.

    You mention interviewing someone “who lives out this verse.” Seems from what little I know through your sharing here that you would fit that description. I have chosen the word perseverance for my “word of the year”. Could I interview you for my blog? (Really stepping out in courage here because I have not done something like this, and do not want you to feel obligated if you are not comfortable. It was just a mini brain storm I had.)

    have a blessed day. So glad that you have resume your blog…you certainly have given me much food for thought!

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