Saving Mr. Banks – Saving Ourselves

lamp and snowI saw Saving Mr. Banks right after the first of the year. It’s been almost two weeks and the movie still remains with me. It’s a touching account of how the beloved movie Mary Poppins came to the screen.

It tells the story of the creation of the screenplay for Mary Poppins, and the often-difficult relationship between Walt Disney and P. L. Travers. But, it also whisks us away to early 20th-century Australia and offers insight into why P. L. Travers wrote the book in the first place. So, one story becomes two.

Travers tried to make sense of her childhood and heal it through her stories. As she saved Mr. Banks, she also saved herself and her family.

Healing Our Pain

All of us carry pain. It might be pain from the past or pain we carry today. Our writing can help heal our pain and can allow us to help others heal their pain, as well.

Use your painful story in your fiction. This time, you can make it right. Give it the ending you wish had occurred.

If you write nonfiction, share the insights you’ve learned along the way. You may not have conquered your pain, but you can share your journey. Walk beside your readers. Help them see they’re not alone.

Saving Ourselves

All of us carry regrets. We wish we would’ve done something differently, made a better decision, said a kinder word, walked away from a destructive relationship or chose a different path. We can write those choices. How do things change for your character when you do?

Again, in nonfiction, offer your insights. What would’ve happened if you’d done something else? What did you learn from your regrets?

Writers often write from their past. You have a story to heal. You can heal it through your writing. And, you can reach out to help your readers heal, too.

And then, like P. L. Travers, you can take a story of pain and turn it into a story of joy.

© Deborah Christensen


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  1. Thank you for sharing your insight. This really makes sense. Bookmarking this one!

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