Thankfulness in Everything

fall imageThis week, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Family members join us from other parts of the country. We shop and cook and decorate. The focus of this day is giving thanks but sometimes that gets lost in all the busyness of the holiday.

Use Thanksgiving as a time to count your blessings and thank God. Then, look for writing ideas.

Thanking God

Many people talk about being thankful. But, who are they thankful to? Thanksgiving is a day to focus on thanking God for all He’s done. As Christians, an attitude of thankfulness should define our lives all year around.

How can we cultivate an attitude of thankfulness? How can we keep our focus on God and see Him as the source of all good gifts? How can we be thankful during difficult times? How can we be thankful for His work in our life when we’re in pain?

Throughout the Bible, we read encouragement to give thanks in everything. Maybe you learned how to do that. Or, you might want to walk alongside your readers as you struggle with this together. What can you write to get your readers thinking about giving thanks to God?

Tell Stories and Offer Insights

Find stories that show how to live a life of thankfulness. It might be your story or the story of someone else. Give your readers takeaway value. Or, use the story as an anecdote for a devotion.

Offer insights on how to be thankful. Help your readers understand that thankfulness is God’s way to live. Show them how complaining dishonors Him. Take them on your journey as you learn these lessons yourself. Let them know that you don’t have all the answers but that these are some things that work for you.

Sometimes, we take God’s blessings for granted. We have so much to be thankful for. As writers, we can focus on those blessings and help our readers see the blessings in their own lives. And, together, we can become thankful in everything.

© Deborah Christensen


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