Gleaning Ideas from Veterans Day

stars_and_stripesToday is Veterans Day. And, it’s a day full of writing ideas. They’re endless if you look deeper than just a “holiday.”

Honor Vets

We should honor vets throughout the year – not just on Veterans Day. But, this is the day that you’ll hear stories of veterans who displayed courage during their service, who overcame overwhelming injuries and who have become leaders in their communities.

Issues such as healthcare for vets, PTSD, job opportunities for vets, helping vets transition back into society, etc. become front and center on Veterans Day. These are also great topics to address in your writing.

Put military service in a historical context and write a history piece. Write a story for children to help them understand the courage and sacrifice of the military.

Look for the stories. Interview vets yourself. Look for a unique slant on their story so that you can write something new and fresh.

These stories are evergreen. They’re just as relevant six months from now as they are today.

Character Qualities of a Vet

We associate courage, strength, compassion and honor with veterans and those who serve in the military. Think of other character qualities you find in veterans. Write about those qualities. These are qualities we should all strive for so they make good topics for writing.

Use the story of a vet as the anecdote for the article or devotion. Add those qualities to one of your characters in fiction.

You may not write specifically about Veterans Day but you can find ideas in Veterans Day to address in your writing all year long.

© Deborah Christensen


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