Friday Fun Facts: Edward L. Stratemeyer

Edward L. Stratemeyer was born on this day in 1862. You may not know his name but you know the many series of books that his syndicate of writers produced, which included: The Bobbsey Twins, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Tom Swift. They used 50 pen names and wrote over 800 books.

PLEASE COMMENT: What is your favorite memory of these books?

I’ll start. When I was in third grade, my teacher, Miss Paulicki, read one chapter of a Bobbsey Twins book every morning. We were all engrossed in the story and couldn’t wait until the next morning when she would read the next chapter.


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  1. I devoured the Bobbsey Twins! I also read a few of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew,but the twins were my favorite. Between the library and garage sales, I’m pretty sure I read most of the books in print at the time (mid 60’s to early 70’s), until I discovered Cherry Ames and started actively collecting those books!

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