Never Forget

twin towersThis week, we remember the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. Innocent people lost their lives, heroes stood firm and faced death, and our view of the world changed.

As writers, we can still find stories to tell and ways to help our readers remember.

You can use the writing ideas you glean this year to write the articles and stories for next year.

What Happened That Day?

What happened to you that day? How did it change you as a person? Did it bring you closer to God? How did it change your relationships with your family and friends? How did it change your workplace? What impact did it make on your life?

Share your story. Then, think about expanding it. How did it change the way you look at trials? How do you view trials differently from pre-9/11 times? What did you learn about the brevity of life? What did you learn about courage and heroism?

Do you know someone who was directly impacted by 9/11? Do you know anyone who lost someone that day? Interview them and tell their story.

Share your experiences through a poem or devotion. Think of a way to tell the story to children.

What’s Happening Now?

The world still feels the ripples of 9/11. Military people are deployed to protect our freedom. Our nation’s leaders face decisions that could change the course of world history.

What can you write on current events? How can we prepare for and deal with terrorism? How can we assess the decisions coming out of Washington? How can we make sure that our leaders make responsible decisions in fighting terrorism? What can you write on the challenges and joys of military life? How has military life changed since 9/11?

What is God’s perspective on the events of the world? How does this time fit into God’s plan? How can you view current events from a Christian perspective?

As you remember the events of that terrible day, glean writing ideas of hope, courage, God’s love and history. Use your gifts as a writer to make sure that no one ever forgets.

© Deborah Christensen


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