The Ninth Commandment – Don’t Lie

hibiscus“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Exodus 20:16, NIV (1984)

Lying is one of the easiest things to do. We tell the “little white lie” because we think no one will get hurt. Or, we tell the big lie to get us out of trouble. We may think we’re fooling people, but God knows.

The Truth About Lying

Lying can become a habit. Sometimes, it’s easier to tell a lie than to tell the truth.

Here is an opportunity to use your personal story. When was a time that you lied and it hurt a relationship? When was a time that lying backfired? Were you ever been caught in a lie?

Share your story and give your readers takeaway value. Help them see something that they can apply to their own lives.

Tell Them While They’re Young

This is a great topic to cover with children. They know what lying is. It’s one of the first sins they commit and one of the first lessons they learn.

You can write stories and articles for children to help them understand the importance of telling the truth. Think of situations where children might lie. Then, give them realistic solutions.

A Quality to Treasure

When you live a truthful life, you become a trustworthy person. People will trust you. Honesty is a quality that people treasure.

How do you live a trustworthy life? How do you become an honest person without hurting others? How do you maintain honesty through all areas of life: family, work, friends, church?

You can help your readers in a variety of ways. Offer tips and insights through a how-to article. Share Scripture and encouragement through a devotion. Interview someone who lives a truthful life and profile them. Write a poem. Use truthfulness as a theme or sub-theme in fiction.

Use this commandment to help your readers aspire to trustworthiness. You can point the way to a better – more honest – way to live.

© Deborah Christensen


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