Stories from a Summer Vacation

garden of the gods desertSummer is over half over – at least if you think of summer going from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Chances are that you will take a summer vacation at some point. You’ll see new places, explore a different city or hike through nature, try new food, and spend time with the people you love. As you create memories with your family or friends, look for writing ideas and think about the insights you can share with your readers.

See the Sights

Have you ever thought of writing a travel article? Most publications that use travel pieces are looking for the unique angle. They have probably already covered the traditional travel destinations. So, do a little exploring. Find something that not many people know about.

Keep your eyes open for something special. You may meet someone you want to interview later. Introduce yourself, tell them what you’re looking for, give them your card and get contact information from them. Build that initial relationship so that when you call later for the interview, they’ll remember you.

You may find an obscure piece of history or a quirky landmark. Take a lot of photos and research it later.

Personal Stories

Whether you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, you will find a story. How did you bond with each other? What did God teach you about each person in your group? What special memories did you create on the trip? All of these can serve as a personal experience piece.

Readers love stories. You can share your story and help your readers connect with their memories of family vacations.

Be sure to give your readers takeaway value. Help them see that God is at work in all the stories of our lives.

Solving Problems

How did you plan the vacation? How did you choose your destination? How did you budget for the trip? How did you overcome conflict? How did you find a reliable repair shop when your car broke down? How did you handle medical emergencies?

These are just some of the issues you encounter on a vacation. You can offer insights so that next summer your readers can approach their own vacations a little more prepared.

Now What?

Remember that you won’t be writing articles for this summer. All summer issues of publications are planned and out. So, you have a few months to pull your ideas together and write. Plan ahead. Journal so you don’t forget the stories. Collect pamphlets from the places you visit. Be prepared now so that your follow-up research will be much easier.

You may also think of using your destination as a setting for fiction. Get a feel for the place so that you can accurately portray it in your story.

Photos will also help you write poetry later. Take photos that touch your emotions so you remember those feelings as you write.

Vacations are fun and relaxing. But, also, keep your eyes open and glean those writing ideas.

© Deborah Christensen


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