Celebrating Dad

dadOne of my pet peeves is the kind of articles that appear in my local newspaper on Father’s Day. They talk about fatherless children, abusive fathers and dads who disappoint. I rarely read anything that honors dads.

Christian publications usually handle fatherhood differently. There, you find articles that know the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. They recognize that men and women are inherently different from each other, and they recognize the important role dads play.

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dad. What can you write to do just that?

Memories and Stories

What memories and stories can you share about your own dad? How did he encourage you when you were growing up? What’s the most important lesson did he teach you? What sacrifices did he have to make to provide for your family? How did he set the spiritual tone for your family? If you’re a man, how did he teach you to be a man? If you’re a woman, what did he teach you about men?

Tell stories from your childhood. Talk about how your relationship evolved as you became an adult. You don’t have to paint an unrealistic picture. But, honor him.

Helping Dads be Dads

What insights can you offer to dads to help them as dads? Who can your interview for this important information? Who are the dads you know who do it right? How can you profile them? What do dads need to know about parenting young children? What do dads need to know about parenting teenagers?

Science has shown that men’s brains are different from women’s. Therefore, men tend to be doers, while women tend to be talkers.

In a society that often pressures men to be more like women, how can you help dads be who God created them to be? How can you help them play the role God meant them to play in the lives of their children?

What Else Can You Write?

As you celebrate Father’s Day this year, look for ideas to inspire your writing. But, think beyond the memories and the tips. How can you honor your dad through poetry? What kind of devotions can you write that will help dads grow in their faith? What kind of positive father-characters can you create in your fiction? What can you write that will help children love and respect their dads?

Don’t just write about fathering at Father’s Day. Use your ideas to celebrate Dad throughout the year.

© Deborah Christensen


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