A Garden of Writing Ideas

yellow irisFor many of us, spring is finally here. As we venture out of our houses, one of the first places we go is to our garden. What was dead brown earth a few weeks ago is now overrun with dandelions. How did that happen?

What matters most is what we do next. Pull the weeds. Buy new flowers. Get our garden in shape.

Have you ever thought about writing about your garden?

The Spiritual Side of the Garden

Gardening can give you uninterrupted time with God. Your garden can become a holy place. What has God taught you as you garden? How did He speak to you? What issues did He help you work through?

What lessons did you learn about God as you watched your flowers bloom? What did you learn about God’s care?

The Practical Side of Gardening

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned gardener, you’re always learning something about plants, sunlight, soil, plant food, garden design, and what works and what doesn’t. Have you ever considered writing about it? Gardening articles appear in more than just gardening publications.

What do new gardeners need to know before they begin? What does a gardener need to do if they decide to change the design on their garden? What do gardeners need to do during a drought? During times of excessive rain? How does weather affect the garden? What plants work best where?

Think of all the things you know about gardening. Someone else needs to know them, too. And, you can help by writing about it.

Take a walk around your garden. Pick a few ideas and begin writing today.

© Deborah Christensen


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