From the Idea Garden – Reading the Psalms

If you’re looking for writing inspiration, read the Psalms. They can touch you in a unique way because the writers of the Psalms honestly share from the heart. Their words connect to our experience.

How do the Psalms comfort you? How do they inspire you to praise God? How do they pull you closer to God? How can you use these insights in your writing?


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  1. The Psalms are songs of praise and prayer that have made a difference in the lives of countless individuals through the millennia. This month, we have a special treat! Some 6th and 7th grade Sunday School students have allowed Psalms to inspire them and have written their own. They have applied what they have learned about Psalms — about God, prayer, praise, and instruction — to their own unique situations. They have either put existing psalms into their own words or have written original ones. Now, they are sharing their inspirations and creations, which in turn can make a difference in your lives.

  2. This Lent, as we Sing our way to Easter and Pentecost, I invite you to write. Write notes of praise, suffering, penance, joy and song. Try writing one Psalm a day in a notebook of your choice. Write to allow the reality of the Psalms to settle deep within you, and for seasons to come, to treasure the Psalms as you read them in your own hand. It took me 4 years of Lenten practice to cover the entire Psalter, yet it’s given me a treasure I’ll enjoy the rest of my life.

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