The Fifth Commandment – Honor Your Parents

mom and dad“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

Exodus 20:12, NIV


Paul reminds us that this commandment is the first one with a promise. It means that God takes this command seriously. He gave parents an important job to do and He expects children to give them the honor they deserve.

Writing for Children and Teens

This is the perfect place to start when you write on this commandment. You can write fiction and nonfiction on the importance of obeying parents. Show them how obeying helps them and disobeying can hurt them. Use your own childhood and experiences with your children as the inspiration.

You also can address issues of abuse. Of course, you can’t get explicit in writing for children. You can be a little more direct in writing for teens. Use your writing to get help for their friend or for themselves. Help them understand that they’re more of friend if they get help for their friend than if they keep it a secret.

Writing for Adults

How has your relationship with your parents changed, now that you’re an adult? How have you learned to relate to your parents as an adult? What have you learned from your parents about marriage? About parenting? How did you work out your relationship with your parents if they’re no longer here? What helped you get through the grief of losing them?

Some adults harbor hurts from the past? What can you write to help them? How can you help them heal their relationship with their parents? How can you help them know when to several all ties, if that’s what’s needed?

Aging Parents

Now more than ever, people need help with aging parents. How do they recognize the signs of diseases like Alzheimer’s? How do they decide on long-term care for their parents? How do they choose a care facility? What do they need to know when choosing medical devices such as wheelchairs and walkers?

How can people take care of their parents in an honoring way without getting burned out themselves? What do they need to do to live successfully in the sandwich years?

It’s a new arena for many people and they need to know how to navigate it.

On An Emotional and Spiritual Level

Share your story in a personal experience piece. Write out your emotions in a poem. Offer encouragement in a devotion. Use your own experiences to add color to your fiction as your characters work out their relationship with their parents.

Our relationship with our parents can be complicated. But, God still calls us to honor them. You can help your readers do that with your writing.

© Deborah Christensen


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