Ideas in the Ashes

boston bombingI normally make the main blog post on Monday. But last week, life got in the way and I got behind. So, I intended to write the blog and post it on Tuesday. Again, life got in the way – this time in the form of bombs at the Boston Marathon.

I didn’t know anyone running. I didn’t know the wounded or those who were killed. But, like many of you, I was glued to the TV and radio, listening to all the reports I could. I prayed as they searched for the suspects. I prayed for those who are still recovering. I wept for families of the dead.

Add to that the devastation of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

Did this happen to you? Did your ideas and your writing go on hold during the last week?

We can, now, begin to recover. As we collect our thoughts, we will find writing ideas. They’re there.

Investigative Reporting

Some find their ideas in the hunt. In the middle of a crisis, they chase down clues, interview newsmakers and experts, and dig to uncover the story. Is that you? We need quality and ethical journalists who won’t write about rumors but who will search until they find the truth.

The breaking news story gets your blood pumping. Pursue it.

Inspire and Encourage

You will find stories of courage in a crisis. Let those stories inspire you. There was the story of the man who lost his son in Iraq who jumped in to help the wounded. There were stories of runners who completed the marathon and kept running to the hospital to donate blood. Instead of running away from the blast, people turned around and ran toward the scene to help.

What gives people the courage to do these things? What do you learn about the way God works?

These stories so inspired me that I wrote a blog post at The Brenner Brief.

Bigger Issues

You may not write about the bombing directly. But, you can use the events of the last week to think about the deeper issues of life.

Why does God allow tragedy? How does someone recover from a tragedy? What steps can people take to be able to move forward? How do you deal with tragedy? How does it affect your marriage? The way you parent? Your relationship with others?

Share your story in a personal experience piece. Share your insights in a how-to article. Pour out your heart through poetry or in a devotion. Help children deal with these painful things.

Write. Use the gifts God gave you to process these events and to help others heal.

© Deborah Christensen


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