Sowing Seeds of Faith Through Holy Week

lillyHoly Week is a time of reflection, repentance and, ultimately, joy as we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection – and His gift of salvation. He paid the price for our sins that we couldn’t pay ourselves. He did whatever it took to make us right with Him, if we’ll accept His gift of love and sacrifice. We didn’t deserve it. But, He loved us so much that He took on the pain of all our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him.

That’s what this week is all about. It boils down to this: God loves us.

As you go through this week, think about what Jesus did for you and how that affects your relationship with Him. How does it change the way you live your life? How does it affect the decisions you make? How does it change the way you relate to other people?

Write It Out

This week, worship God. When it’s over, take all your reflection, repentance experience, family memories and celebration of the joy of Easter, and write it out.

  • Personal Experience: What did God teach you? How did He help you repair your relationship with Him? How did He bring you to humility and repentance? How did He renew the joy of your salvation? What stories can you tell? How can you touch your readers through the experiences you have this week?
  • How-To: What guidance can you give your readers on a spiritual level? What about on a practical level (planning the meal, finding the best deals for Easter clothes, teaching children the true meaning of Easter, etc.)?
  • Devotion: What reflections can you write about? How can you turn your readers to the cross and the empty tomb?
  • Poetry: How can you share your feelings about Easter through your poetry?
  • Fiction: You may not use the Easter holiday but you can show the impact of Easter in your story. Easter changed everything. If one of your characters is unsaved, you can show how a relationship with Christ changes them. But, make it realistic. Life doesn’t become perfect after we give our lives to Christ. God grows us from within to become more like Him.
  • Writing for Children: How can you explain the Easter story to children? How can you take the focus off of bunnies and turn it to Jesus? How can you help them understand the depth of His love?

Worship, Then Write

This week, let the full weight of what Jesus did for you fall on you. Worship. Repent. Recommit. Then, write. Make this truly a holy week for you. Then, use the gift God gave you to share His love.

I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter.

© Deborah Christensen


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