Turn Discouragement into Writing Ideas

lamp and snowWe all face discouragement. It might be a health issue, loss of a job, relational problem, a loss through death, financial struggle, feeling distant from God or another reason. Discouragement has a way of creeping in and strangling our joy.

What’s causing your discouragement? Take it to God. He understands and He cares. Then, share it with the special people in your life. God calls us to love and serve one another. He knows we need each other. We can’t carry our burdens alone.

Then, write about it. Your story or the insights you share may help your readers. You may encourage someone who needs to hear what you say.

Personal Experience

How did your discouragement deepen your relationship with God? How did it damage it and how did you repair it? What did you learn about Him? What did you learn about yourself? How did He use other people to encourage you? How did He get you through it?

Share your story. Since everyone faces discouragement, you can help your readers know they’re not alone.

Have you ever helped someone else through discouragement? Share your story of helping someone else carry their burden. You may offer insights to your readers on how they can serve others.


We can offer guidance to our readers but, remember, there are no easy answers to facing discouragement. Write with your arm around your readers. Let them know that you understand. Discouragement is personal to each person. So, you want to offer hope, not a three-step plan to healing discouragement.

That said, you can offer insights to your readers that can start the healing process. Share Scripture, help them find the help they need and share ideas that they may not have considered.

Other Writing Avenues

Use discouragement in other areas of writing:

  • Fiction: Show your characters struggling with discouragement. How do they overcome it?
  • Poetry: Share your struggles through your poetry. David often poured out his discouragement through the Psalms.
  • Devotion: Combine Scripture and a devotional thought to help your readers focus on God through their discouragement.
  • Personality Profile: Do you know someone who’s faced discouragement and came through to the other side? Share their story.
  • For Children: Children don’t understand discouragement but they know what it’s like to feel sad. Help them understand that it’s not permanent and they can get through it.

As writers, we’re in the unique position to take our struggles and use them to help someone else. We can write through the discouragement and when we come out on the other side, we can look back and find kernels of ideas to share – ideas that offer hope.

© Deborah Christensen


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