Gleaning Writing Ideas from Someone Else’s Health Struggle

lamp and snowWith one phone call, everything changed. My aunt had a stroke. Suddenly, our family dynamics rearranged themselves in ways we never expected.

We’re educating ourselves on the needs of the disabled. We discovered entire stores that cater to those needs. We’re also learning about rehab, care centers, wheelchairs, government programs and the struggles of a health crisis. I can now see how attitude affects the way someone faces a crisis and the importance of relationships in a time of need.

Personal Experience

Have you found yourself in a caretaking role? What toll is it taking on you personally? How have you learned to balance taking care of someone else and your own life?

What do you do to lift the other person’s spirits? How do you maintain your patience, love, encouragement and joy with the other person?

Your story may help other caretakers realize that they’re not alone. Their feelings are normal.


What health warning signs did your loved one miss? How could your loved one have avoided the health crisis? How can you help your readers prepare before a health crisis hits them?

How did you find solutions to the issues that arose in caretaking? What do you wish you knew before the crisis hit? What questions do you wish you asked before choosing a care facility? Before you chose a care plan?

Your insights may point your readers to solutions they never thought of before.

Personality Profile

Do you know someone who has successfully navigated through caretaking issues? Do you know someone who’s gone through a health crisis and grew as a person because of it? Can you do a profile on them?

Devotions and Poetry

Caretaking stirs up a lot of emotions. It can also teach you about yourself and God. How did you use these issues to grow in Christ? What kind of devotion can you write? What Scriptures would you use to support the devotion? How can your express your feelings through poetry?


How can you use this experience as the foundation of a novel or story? How can you incorporate it into the life of one of your characters?

Someone else’s health struggle teaches you about your own health and about caretaking. You can share your insights on both sides of the struggle and help your readers prepare before a health crisis hits.

What have you learned from someone else’s health struggle? Please comment below. Your insights may spark a writing idea for someone else.

© Deborah Christensen


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