Writing for Life

AveryToday is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. “Jane Roe,” whose real name is Norma McCorvey, has since become a Christian and pro-life – as am I.

I used to be pro-choice, until my sister was pregnant with my nephew. Suddenly, I realized that he was a baby kicking, not a blob of cells.

Abortion has left millions of shattered lives in its wake. Your life, or someone you know, may have been destroyed. Writing about it can bring healing. Or, it can help someone else heal.

Personal Experience Pieces

What is your story? How did your abortion or the abortion of someone close to you affect you? How did you relate to God during that time? How did you deal with your guilt? What brought you to repentance? How did you experience God’s love and forgiveness?

How did your abortion affect the way you viewed your family? What choices did you make as a result of healing from your abortion?

Perhaps you chose not to have an abortion? What choices did you make? How did that change your life?

What is your involvement now with the pro-life movement? What prompted you to get involved? How did your involvement change your life?

Tell your story. Use a pen name. Someone needs the encouragement you can give.

Other Nonfiction Avenues

Offer your readers a how-to article. What do they need to know if they choose to raise the child themselves? What do they need to know if they choose to give the child up for adoption?

How do they recover from an abortion? How can they learn to trust God’s forgiveness?

Write a devotion. Take your readers on a spiritual journey toward healing and God’s forgiveness. Before they choose abortion, introduce them to Scriptures that show that God knows and loves their baby in the womb. After an abortion, show them Scriptures that help them know that nothing can separate them from God’s love.

Share your pain and your journey through poetry. Poetry offers a unique way to share your soul.

Consider featuring a pro-life leader or advocate in a personality profile. Highlight a pro-life ministry. Help your readers understand that people are still working for the cause of life.

What About…

Fiction. Build the entire storyline around the abortion issue or make it a thread in the story.

Writing for children. Create stories and articles for children that emphasize the sanctity of life. Young children are obviously too young for the gruesome details of abortion. But, they know about babies and they understand how helpless they are.

Even 40 years later, we can still take a stand for life. And as writers, we can help our readers understand that all life is precious.

© Deborah Christensen


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