Friday Fun – Chaucer’s Monk

I thought Fridays would be a good time to share some fun facts and maybe inspire you, as well.

Fat Monks and the Sin of Gluttony

Chaucer’s Monk in the Canterbury Tales was described in the Prologue as “a lord ful fat and in good point” (line 200). A new study finds that Chaucer’s description of the Monk as a person who loves to eat and is overweight is accurate. A 2004 study by archaeologists at University College London found that monks during medieval days were actually gluttons. Archaeologists studied one hundred monk skeletons at 3 abbeys dating from the medieval period. The bones were thick; joint problems from obesity were evident; and there were signs of arthritis—all of these proved that monks were actually overweight, as portrayed in paintings and literature of medieval times. Another study estimates that some monks consumed about 6,000 calories a day. Eating was a physical pleasure monks could enjoy!

This comes from

What career can you give to one of your fictional characters? What stereotypes of that career are actually true? How can you work those stereotypes into your character’s personality?


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