Christmas Memories and Writing Sparkle

Christmas tree - 2You’re busy with last-minute shopping, cooking and preparations for Christmas. The last thing on your mind is writing. But, tuck your memories into your heart as Mary treasured everything in her heart and bring them out later.

Share special moments from your Christmas celebration – moments when God touched you in a tender way. Your story may touch someone else. Share your memories – the times that filled you with joy or even the times that caused a lump in your throat.

But, your Christmas writing isn’t limited to personal experience pieces.

Advice for Parents

Parents are always looking for ways to make Christmas memorable for their children: crafts, gifts, traditions, etc. Christian parents may also be looking for a way to navigate the whole Santa issue. If they choose not to acknowledge Santa, how do they help their children stand up to the peer pressure?

What other advice or suggestions can you share with parents?

Issues of Grief

Christmas may not always be a happy time for people. They may have just suffered a devastating loss. How can you help them celebrate the birth of Christ in the midst of their sorrow? How can you help them grieve? How can you help them experience Christmas where they’re at without giving in to false expectations they may place on themselves?

Focusing on Jesus

How can you help your readers focus on Jesus – the real reason we celebrate? How can you help them avoid selfishness? How can you help them create an atmosphere of worship?

How can they cultivate an attitude of service during this season? What suggestions can you offer for serving opportunities?

Traditions and Gifts

Many families are looking for a way to create new traditions. What guidance can you offer? In this difficult economy, many people can’t afford expensive gifts. What creative suggestions can you give them for meaningful and affordable gifts?

Other Writing Avenues

How can you express your feelings about Christmas through poetry? How can you use your Christmas experiences in fiction? What kind of devotional can you write about Christmas? What can you write for children?

You may not be able to publish your Christmas writing immediately. But, remember, many publications work months ahead. The work you create this Christmas can touch lives next Christmas.

© Deborah Christensen


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