Out of the Ashes

red budsWe’ll never understand the horror that visited the idyllic little town of Newtown, Conn. We helplessly watch the images on TV. As more information of what really happened dribbles out, our helplessness turns to sadness and then to rage.

But as writers, we’re not helpless. God can use us to bring healing. He can speak through us with words of hope and love. And, Newtown isn’t the only tragedy that needs our words.

Personality Profiles

Stories of heroes are already coming out: teachers who shielded their students, first responders who bravely did their job despite the massacre they confronted.

You may not be able to write about these specific people but there are heroes where you live. Unfortunately, disaster strikes everywhere. But so does heroism. Has a tragedy hit your city or state? Can you profile the heroes there?

How-To Articles

Families need to pick up the pieces of a shattered home. Neighbors and friends need to know the best way to offer comfort. Parents need to help their children overcome fear and walk with them through the sadness of a tragedy. We all need to know how to shine God’s love in the darkness.

How can you help people facing the pain that comes into our lives? You can share insights on the issues that arise. Maybe you’ve gone through a difficult time and can share what you learned. Maybe you can interview experts and offer their guidance.

Personal Experience

The parents of Columbine victims are in a unique position to understand what the parents of the Newtown victims are going through. Many of them have reached out to help the families deal with what’s happened.

You may not have gone through something like this. However, we all face heartache. How did God comfort you? How did you see His love through your pain? What’s your story? What did you learn?


If you express yourself through poetry, your words may touch someone in a unique way. You can touch the deepest part of the heart.


Point the way to God. Show your readers that He understands the brokenhearted. He lost a Son, too. And now His Son brings hope and salvation to the world. Use His Word to speak to people who are hurting.

Writing for Children

You can’t expose children to the full horror of a tragedy. But, they may feel afraid. They may not even understand everything they feel. You can write stories and articles that will speak to them on their level.

You don’t have to helplessly stand on the sidelines. God gave you a gift. Find a way to reach out through your writing and you will nurture hope out of the ashes.

© Deborah Christensen


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