Gleaning Inspiration from the Olympics

Over the next two weeks, we will laugh and cry and cheer for our team. But, we’re also going to hear stories of courage, perseverance and grace in defeat. As those stories inspire you, keep one ear open for writing inspiration.

Olympic Athletes

Obviously, the first place to get ideas is from the athletes themselves. If an Olympic athlete lives in your area, interview them. Do a personality profile of them. How did they get started? What keeps them going? How did if feel to go to the Games?

If there’s a special story in their life, focus on that. What do you want to tell your readers about this athlete?

Beyond the Athletes

You may not have access to an Olympic athlete. But, you do know other heroes. You may hear a story of an athlete and think of someone you know who has demonstrated the same characteristics. Who has shown courage or perseverance? Who has overcome obstacles to achieve their goal? Who is a winner in their realm of influence? How can you tell their story?

Personal Growth

What about inspiration toward personal growth? When you hear a story of courage, think about a time when God gave you the courage to face something difficult. When you hear a story of perseverance, think about a time God helped you keep going when you wanted to give up. When did you face obstacles? How have you learned to pursue your passions? How have you developed teamwork? How have you learned to encourage others?

These are all facets of competing in the Games. But, they’re also issues that we face in our everyday life. Look beyond the Games and see the inspiration of personal growth that you can use in your writing.

How can you address these issues in a how-to article? In a personal experience piece? In a meditation/devotional? In fiction? In poetry?

Physical Fitness/Health

What inspires you about the physical training of the athletes? How can you apply these ideas to parenting articles? To adult physical fitness pieces? To health articles? To articles that address injuries in children and/or adults?

Look deeper into the Olympics. How can you take what you see there and mold it into writing that will inspire or help others? You may not tell a story from the Olympics but the Olympics can inspire you to write something completely different and to touch your readers.

© Deborah Christensen


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