Wedded to War – The Book and the Inspiration

Jocelyn Green’s new book, Wedded to War, is due out in stores in July. It’s the first in a four-book series entitled Heroines Behind the Lines.

I asked Jocelyn where the idea for the series came from and what inspired her. Here’s what she said:

“My story ideas for the entire four-book series of Heroines Behind the Lines came directly from the research I did for my newly released nonfiction book, Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front. Each of the four books I’m writing focuses on a different aspect of the Civil War where women influenced either the course of the war or the people who fought in the war.

“Wedded to War is about pioneer nurses. I was hooked on the subject after reading the book Women at the Front by Dr. Jane Schultz. Then I made a trip to Gettysburg and had the privilege of reading 150- year-old diaries, letters and journals from women who had nursed there. One of the women was Georgeanna Woolsey. When I returned home, I learned everything I could about her. The research about that young woman (28 years old when the war began) inspired my main character, Charlotte Waverly.”

Until Thursday, June 28, you can download Wedded to War for free. Click here for information on where to download the book:  Wedded to War.

I will review the book in the next month or two. But if you download it, please tell us what you think.

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