Raking Up Writing Ideas from the Fatherhood Backyard

For some reason, we treat Father’s Day differently than we do Mother’s Day. Maybe it’s because dads are different from moms. Dads are doers. They’re not as sentimental about Father’s Day as moms are about Mother’s Day. We still share special memories on Father’s Day but they’re more likely to be of doing yard work, watching baseball or barbecuing together.

Personal Experience Pieces

How did you celebrate Father’s Day? What made it special for you as a dad? How did you honor your dad? How can you share these things with your readers?

Are you a new dad? How does that change the way you view Father’s Day? Are you a grandpa? How does that make Father’s Day unique for you? If your dad is no longer with you, how does that change Father’s Day for you?

God gave dads a special role in a family. What did you learn about God from your dad? What did you learn about strength? Leadership? Courage? Perseverance?

How-To Articles

What did you learn about being a dad from your own dad? What did he do right? What mistakes did he make?

How did your dad give advice? Did you always follow it? How does he guide you when you need to make a decision? Do you feel free to share your life concerns with him? How did you build trust with your dad so that you could go to him for advice? How did you learn to trust his wisdom?

How easy is it for your dad to say “I love you”? How do you show your dad that you love him? How do you show your own children that you love them?

If your dad is no longer with you, how do you cope with his loss? How did you learn to live with that loss? How do you honor his life?

You can use your writing to help other dads and children work through these issues.

Other Writing Avenues

Fiction is always a good way to work through or honor your relationship with your dad. How can you use your experiences in fiction?

Children’s stories usually need a well-written dad character. How can you create a character who is modeled after your dad?

Poetry, too, offers an outlet to expressing the father/child relationship. How does your relationship with your dad inspire your poetry? What about your relationship with your children?

Father’s Day is fertile ground for ideas for meditations/devotionals. How is God like a father? How does God father you? What does that mean for your everyday life?

Our relationship with our dads can be complicated. But, it also offers fields of writing ideas—both positive and negative—that we can gather into a piece that will inspire others.

© Deborah Christensen


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