Picking Writing Blossoms from the Mother’s Day Garden

Mother’s Day is one of those sentimental holidays that’s all about love, family and memories. It’s also full of endless writing ideas. What writing ideas can you glean from Mother’s Day?

Personal Experience Pieces

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Did your children do something special for you? Did you do something special with your mom? How can you share these things with your readers?

Are you a new mom? How does that change the way you view Mother’s Day? Are you a grandma? How does that make Mother’s Day unique for you? If your mom is no longer with you, how does that change Mother’s Day for you?

Take all the emotions from Mother’s Day and use them in your writing. Tell stories. Offer a spiritual application.

How-To Articles

What memories did you create on Mother’s Day? What about traditions? How do you make it a unique experience for the mothers in your family?

What did you learn about being a mom from your own mother? What did she do right? What mistakes did she make?

How did you tell your mom you were pregnant? How did you include her in your pregnancy? How did you help your own children during their pregnancies? How did you know when to step back and allow them to learn on their own?

How do your children show you love throughout the year? How do you show your own mother love during the year?

If your mom is no longer with you, how do you cope with her loss? How did you learn to live with that loss? How do you honor her life?

Your experiences will help other mothers and children.

Other Writing Avenues

Fiction is always a good way to work through or honor your relationship with your mom. How can you use your experiences in fiction? How can you use your experiences in a children’s story?

Poetry, too, offers an outlet to expressing the mother/child relationship. How does your relationship with your mom inspire your poetry? What about your relationship with your children?

Our relationship with our moms can be complicated. But, it also offers blossoms of writing ideas—both beautiful and not-so beautiful—that we can gather into a multi-faceted writing bouquet.

© Deborah Christensen


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  1. Some of my first articles were about how to help people for whom Mother’s Day was not a good holiday. I lost my mom when I was 17, and it was a horrible month for me for years. That struck a chord with a lot of people when I wrote about it later.

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