Passion Fertilizes the Fields of Writing Ideas

I read a recent blog post from Writer…Interrupted on passion.  It got me thinking.

If I made a list of everything I’m passionate about, it would be quite long: my relationship with the Lord, my family (especially my niece and nephews who I love as my own children), my job, my kitties, politics, cooking, nature and science. This is just the beginning.

When I look for writing ideas, I usually begin with the first two areas. I write about spiritual issues and I use stories from my family as anecdotes. But what if I moved down my list to the other things that set my heart racing to look for writing ideas? I never think about it. For example, I’m a politics junkie. Yet, I never write articles on this topic. Facebook posts, yes. Articles, no.

Why? Maybe I feel unqualified. Maybe I feel like I have nothing valuable to say. You know – leave it to the “experts.” Maybe, I’m scared.

What are you passionate about? Make a list. Start with the obvious ones first. Then, move to the things that you never thought about writing about. Your list may surprise you. Those areas further down the list may require more work to use in your writing: interviews, research, legwork. But, it will be worth it.

Articles from Some of My Passions

I love natural science. I don’t have a scientific brain so I don’t understand a lot of it. But as the whole global warming debate began heating up several years ago, I followed it with interest. I filed away names of scientists, especially Christian ones, who might serve as possible interview subjects. I finally felt courageous enough to pursue it. I wrote “Is Global Warming a Myth?” as a children’s article.

I also love archaeology. In the past, I subscribed to Biblical Archaeology. I didn’t understand half of what I read but I still found it fascinating. I followed the story of the bone box that was discovered in Jerusalem. Some claimed it was Jesus’ burial box. I wrote an article about it for a high school take-home paper, entitled “They Found Jesus’ Bones. So What?” The bone box was debunked by reputable archaeologists. But, I used this tidbit from archaeology to build a case for Christ.

Have You Ever Thought About…

What magazines do you subscribe to? What websites do you regularly visit? Do you take night classes or workshops? Consider writing in these areas.

What are your hobbies? Where do you spend most of your time? What else are you passionate about? Look at all your interests from gardening to stamping. Whatever it is, if it’s your passion, you can write about it. And, you can turn your ideas into a how-to article, a personal experience piece, a children’s story/article, fiction, poetry or a meditation/devotional.

© Deborah Christensen


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  1. Wow. You really gave me some good ideas here. I would not have thought of linking my “interests” with articles quite the way you have here! (Ok, so I’m still learning! That was something you suggested in our communications in the Apprentice Course!)

  2. Very useful! Thanks.

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