Tilling the Soil of Family Birthdays for Writing Ideas

This week, we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday. As you can see from the picture, she got very silly. We ordered pizza, opened presents and stuffed ourselves on the best chocolate cake in the world. And, we sang “Happy Birthday” three times. That’s right. We sing the traditional verse, then a verse that says, “God bless you today. God bless you always. God bless you and keep you another year through,” and the traditional verse again but sung very quickly.

My mom doesn’t like to be the center of attention. She loves to give parties but she doesn’t want to be the subject of a party. Her idea of the perfect party is to be surrounded by family. As long as she can laugh with us, she’s happy.

How does your family celebrate birthdays? What unique traditions do you enjoy? What are your special memories from past birthday celebrations?

How-To Articles

You can get practical with these ideas. How do you make a moist cake? What are special decorating tips you can share? How do you run a successful surprise party? How do you make beautiful invitations? How can you save money while planning a party? How do you plan a casual party? How do you plan a formal party?

Relationship issues always pop up during family birthday celebrations. How do you keep the peace among everyone at the party? How do you make sure everyone behaves themselves?

How do you plan a first birthday party? How do you celebrate a milestone birthday?

People are looking for practical birthday party ideas. You just might be able to help them.

Personal Experience Pieces

Family birthdays create memories: my nephew smashing his hand into his first birthday cake, my 107-year-old aunt dancing at her birthday party, my dad’s surprise when his cousins from Denmark showed up.

What are your special memories? What do they teach you about the importance of family? What takeaway value can you glean from these memories that you can offer your readers?

The Joy of Joy

Family birthday celebrations can be joyous occasions. Peek deeper into the celebration to find ideas to share. You just might get an article out of it.

© Deborah Christensen


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