From the Idea Garden

Do you have a favorite family recipe? What are your memories associated with it? How can you use them in a personal experience piece? In fiction?


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  1. Love this idea prompter! I’m not really what one could consider a good cook, but my mom and grandmother both are and were. Relatives still comment on the holidays not being the same without Nanny’s suet pudding and pumpkin pie. (My pie comes close as long as I stick with my great grandmother’s pie crust recipe–no eggs in hers.) Thanks for the great tip. This could be an article or short story for future submissions.

    • I’m thrilled that I could inspire you, Shauna. I make my mom’s spaghetti sauce. The smell of the sauce cooking transports me back to my childhood. I love it! In fact, I think it’s given me an idea… 🙂

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