Gleaning Article Ideas from Experts You Know

My niece-in-law is a nurse. If we have a health question, we go to her first. She patiently answers our questions. I know nothing about gardening. Every spring, I head out to the garden center to buy more plants for my yard. I find an expert to guide me through the process. My life is filled with experts—people close to me and people I interact with occasionally—who can give me article ideas from their field of expertise.

How-To Articles

Experts provide a wealth of information for your personal life. Who are the experts you know? Other parents, teachers, pastors, small group leaders, writers, doctors, vets, chefs, computer techs, repair professionals? Are they family members? Friends? Do you use their services?

What help do you need? Parenting help? Spiritual help? How to choose the right product? Help with a hobby or pet? Other people need that help, too. Use your own issues as a starting point for how-to article ideas and use the guidance from those experts to help others.

What Else Do They Know?

Now, think beyond your own needs to the needs of others. As you pepper the expert with questions for your situation, think ahead to other areas of interest for people.

Do you watch how family members and friends parent? Ask them questions on all areas of parenting, such as discipline and creative family activities, to discover article ideas. Ask the ministry leaders at your church about all aspects of ministry and issues of faith. Find out what spiritual trends they see. Read the brochures at your doctor’s office to learn about health issues that other people struggle with. If the doctor is a specialist, such as an OB/GYN, dermatologist or gastroenterologist, ask them about health issues they encounter.

When you shop at a specialty store, such as an electronics store, home improvement center or specialty grocery, walk around the store and ask questions. You may learn something about computer networking or home repair or food and cooking that you can share in an article.

To Interview or Not

The experts you know may or may not be able to provide a good interview. If they can’t, they will know others in their field you can interview. Ask them to suggest possible questions. No one knows their field better than they do. Take advantage of that knowledge.

If you do interview them, come prepared with questions. However, since you may not know all the right questions to ask, encourage them to give you additional information.

Stay alert. Watch and listen. The experts you know may spark an amazing article idea.

© Deborah Christensen


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  1. Thanks, Deborah – great ideas. I particularly need to work on my interview skills this year. Love your blog, btw!


    • Vicki, thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad that you’re here. Today, I’m going to post that link to your blog that I mentioned to you. I have loved your blog for a few years now.

      Have a wonderful day.


  2. Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

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