The Bloom of Love and Writing Ideas

Last weekend, a young man brought his girlfriend into a private room at a local museum. A path of rose petals led to a cloth-covered table at the far end of the room, then encircled it. In the course of the evening, he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

That’s how my niece got engaged.

What is your engagement story? How did you propose to your wife? How did your husband propose to you? Other than the proposal itself, what made it special?


Use your story as the basis for a scene in the book you’re writing. You can also create a short story around the proposal. What elements would your characters add? What would they omit? How do they react to the event? Does she accept? Does he back out at the last minute?

How can you create drama in the scene that might not have existed in your story? Is it a turning point in the story? Is it expected or unexpected?

Build a scene on your experience.

How-To Articles

A proposal includes more details than someone kneeling in front of the other. How did you set a budget for the ring? How did you choose the ring? Did you do it together? What details does someone need to know before choosing a ring? What is cut, clarity, etc.?

How do you choose the venue where you’re going to propose? How do you make the proposal unique and memorable?

What do you need to know about each other before you ever consider getting married? How do you know when you’re ready to get married?

How do you build relationships with the family of the person you’re dating? Can you commit to that family for the rest of your life? How will you split holidays between the families?

Do you want children? How many? How will you handle the faith aspects of your relationship? What church will you attend? How involved will you be at church? What about finances? Sex?

There’s the romance of an engagement but there’s also the practical issues involved. Your readers need to discuss many of these issues before they decide to marry. You can offer insights from your own experience and guide your readers through the process. Your piece may show them something they never thought of before.

Children’s Articles

You may not have thought of children’s markets as possible markets for anything surrounding an engagement. However, you can create articles for children from unique aspects of an engagement.

Nature pieces: What is a diamond? How is it formed?

History pieces: What is the history behind a proposal? A dowry? How do other cultures propose marriage? Why is it a tradition for the man to ask the woman’s father for her hand? Why does he ask her to marry him while on bended knee?

Miscellaneous pieces: How is jewelry made?

You may not share your engagement experience in a children’s piece but you can get a lot of ideas from it.

Think Outside the Ring Box

You can find unique writing ideas in unexpected places, even your own engagement. Some of those ideas may have nothing to do with an engagement or marriage. Use your imagination. You may find more than just the ring to write about.

© Deborah Christensen


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