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Project Writing – A Writing Project

I admit it. I love reality competition shows that showcase the talents of industry professionals: Top Chef, Next Food Network Star and Project Runway.

Recently, I watched a rerun episode of Project Runway. They sent all the designers into the streets of New York to get inspiration from the city. The designers scattered all over the city. The  designs they created were inspired by Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and other New York landmarks.

Where do you get inspiration? Scripture? The mountains or ocean? A long walk? A talk with a friend?

What gets your creative juices flowing? Music? Art?  Reading? Your quiet time?

Plow the Fields
This week, spend as much time as possible where you  get the most inspiration. Bring something with you to take notes.

Don’t think about getting inspiration. Instead, be still. Pray. Notice the details of your surroundings. Let God speak to you.

Look for inspiration on a regular basis. It will keep your ideas and your writing fresh.

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