Sowing Seeds of Hope

News of the tragic death of Amy Winehouse came out on Saturday. She chased after some kind of happiness but she never found it. She looked in all the wrong places, including alcohol, drugs and relationships. This topic is full of possible writing ideas.

Hope to a Hopeless World

Where did you look for hope before you came to Christ? How did you discover the hope of Jesus? What stories of hope can you tell to help someone on their journey to hope?

Overcoming Hopeless Behavior

What addictions have you overcome? What help  can you offer to people struggling with addictions? What about other destructive behaviors? Your personal experience stories of struggle and victory can help others and offer them hope.

You can also write how-to pieces to help people take the first steps they need to take toward hope. What brought you to the end of your rope? How did you know that you needed to turn away from your hopeless behaviors and change your life? How did you know that your hope would only come through Christ?

The Amy Winehouse story is one of tragedy and hopelessness. But you can use that story to help point others to the hope of Christ.

Look for ways to connect to current events in your writing to keep it current. Use current events as a place to harvest writing ideas.


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