Become an Idea Harvester

Ideas are living things. They grow everywhere. Sometimes, you nurture them to maturity, like a farmer cultivates his crops. Sometimes, you can pick them as they grow wild, like wildflowers in a mountain valley. Sometimes, you discover them in the most unlikely places, like moss growing on a rock.

You may look around you and not see any potential ideas. I can’t give you the ideas. But, I can tickle your imagination to help you search for them on your own.

First Things First
Before those ideas wither and die in your garden of inspiration, you need to collect them. Many smartphones have Notes apps. I don’t own a smartphone but I keep my iPod Touch with me at all times. It, too, has a Notes app and I constantly use it.

If you don’t use apps or gadgets, don’t worry. Paper and a pen work just fine. Simply make sure you keep them with you at all times.

Look Around You
You can start gleaning ideas today. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What spiritual lesson have you learned lately?
  2. What lesson did you learn from your children? Spouse? Parents? Friends? Pastor? Small group leader? Co-worker?

Use your answers as the basis for a personal experience article and begin.

Community of Writers
I envision a community of writers who inspire and challenge each other—who share their own idea sources. We can support each other. And, we can begin right now. Please share how you gleaned a past writing idea.


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  1. Love this site, Debbie! Beautiful and helpful!

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